Since the beginning of the Foundation we have known that practical contemporary implementation of Korczak ideas and practice is our aim. To achieve this aim we have realized many projects, which we are proud of. Some of them are presented below (more information is on Polish version of our website).


2012 was Janusz Korczak' Year in Poland

"Reformer of the World"/"Reformator świata"/"Reformateur du monde"/"Weltverbesserer"...

On order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Poland) we prepared the presentation "Reformer of the World" in cooperation with the KORCZAKIANUM Documentation and Research Centre (The Museum of Warsaw), employees of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Janusz Korczak Association. This presentation was translated into English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese, and sent to Polish embassys and cultural institutions.

Paris, Koblenz, Berlin

Wojciech Lasota represented the Foundation during three international conferences on Janusz Korczak held in the French Senate, at the Koblenz-Landau University and Internationales Korczak Festival in Berlin, 2012.