Our program

We think…
that the unique achievements of Korczak, and the people he worked with, should provoke a widespread response and not only from pedagogy experts.

We are certain…
that the ways by which Korczak established his institutions, such as the orphanage he ran, the “Our House“ institute or the newspaper “Little Review”, are universal and timeless. Rooted in the idea of subjectivity, a constantly developing notion, these institutions effectively fulfilled their goals, standing at the same time as examples of self-governance and innovative management.

Based on…
our experience and our interpretation of Korczak’s achievements, we claim that his ideas and solutions can have practical applications to working with people in many areas, above all in education, in eliminating social exclusion, in mediations, or management.

Our Goal:
To share our knowledge and interpretations, transposing Korczak’s wisdom into contemporary practice in many fields.

Our Benefactors

West Toronto Jewish Community Association (in honour of memory of Wladyslaw Kopinski)

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of the Polish Committee of the European Anti-Poverty Network EAPN Polska.