The Korczakowska Foundation in 2016 was invited by the Czulent Jewish Association and the Autonomy Foundation to co-organize the conference: “Anti-Semitism is not a view. Jewish themes in school textbooks.

The aim of the conference is to summarize the project “Anti-Semitism is not a view” and present the results of the analysis of formal education textbooks admitted for school use by the Ministry of National Education and educational materials for trainers and trainers in terms of the subject matter contained in them. “Anti-Semitism is not a view.”

Handbook for educators and educators of pre-school and early-school education. ” contains an extensive article by Wojtek Lasota “I am also a different one.” Others are the foundations of intercultural education, presenting how ideas can be used in the multicultural education and work techniques of Janusz Korczak. The student can be downloaded from the Exercises Notebook at:‘s view/