We cooperated with Jan Mencwel, Jan Wiśniewski and Cyryl Skibiński from the Shipyard on two projects: publishing the publication “Puzzle. Janusz Korczak and the present: matching elements “and resuscitation of the” Little Review “(” Small Review 2.0 “) This puzzle is an attempt to revive those threads from his life that can inspire critical thinking today and to courageous, unprincipled action: Korczak practiced. We create a “puzzle” from selected elements, deliberately omitting some of the threads – we only write about the tragic finale of his life between the lines. Instead, we want to re-pose the questions that have accompanied Korczak throughout his life, and today they have not lost their relevance. The problem of double identity, the study of poverty and exclusion, and the development of proprietary methods of action – each of these issues we look at both in the light of Korczak’s experience and the eyes of contemporary authors and interlocutors.